Kamis, 12 April 2012

Communication Student in “A Way To a Better Communication"

Some student of Tarumanagara University especially communication faculty attended FIKOM EXPO event in Auditorium 3 floor Main Building Tarumanagara University on Sunday March 12, 2012 until Thursday March 15, 2012 for participating seminar A Way To A Better Communication as theme with skilled speakers.
The event was held four days with different topic and so was speakers. In the first day it presented Sony Subrata from ARWUDA Sosial Media Agency with topic Public Relation In Social Media (PRISM).”Social media is about you, it’s about your behavior so make your good whim there” he said in interact session.
 For the second day FIKOM EXPO invited Jeremy Teti as senior reporter  for talking about Mengupas Jurnalis di Balik Berita. The audience felt amazing in moment that he tell about his job. “I deliver news in the morning when all people preparing go to their work”said him. “ they only hear my voice so they only  remember it tone” added him.
 Further day, Eka “The Brandals” became speaker in Advertising day. He shared his activity when he begin his career. “Creativity idea is from your mind, explore it and you can sense” said him.
  Last day from this event, Arbain Rambey became speaker for fotograph communication. With topic Bercerita Dibalik Lensa he extended the student with fantastic story behind the photos. 

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