Rabu, 29 Agustus 2012

Organization is my best friend, Lead is my obsession

"everything isn't difficult if you do and try to"
-Elwi Gito-

n 29 May the faculty of communication  Tarumanagara University replace  Student Executive Board (BEM) chief  for the next period 2012 to 2013. Elwi Gito become the next leader of the Executive Board to replace Andika . A man who likes diplomacy  try to advance the faculty of communication away from previously. He hope it will be realized with the vision and mission that has been formulated.

Elwi Gito, was born in Binjai, 24 of February 1992. Before studying at the university he is already active in organizational activities. Chief  of the Intra-School Organization (OSIS)at Methodist  Junior High School , Chief of the Intra-School Organization (OSIS) Methodist Senior High School and it was continued in college.His career did not stop and even continue to rise in addition to the Student Executive Board (BEM) before that he already involved  into the Student Representative Council  (DPM) in addition to the Faculty of Communication he is also active in the Indonesian Student Movement (GMNI) and served as leader of this period. Not only that he was also active in the interests of  talent group like Orange mass media communication faculty, Creadzy its about advertising and also I-Focus photography associations.

Man who was called Elw,he want to make BEM like a home for learn and friends for all. His political view, Marhaenisme , ideology that upholds the rights and freedoms of a person become concept of the organization under his leadership .He built it by mission of Tri Dharma college; academic, research, society service, forming a solid and stable organization, established good relationships with existing organizations and the main thing is to be center of exellent.
Do not want to waste time that was originally why he participated in various organization that produced results are useful to himself  and others. Many new friends, learn to deal with new people with diverse attitudes, new experience is a benefit that he find. According to Elwi’s girlfriend Nurul, he persistent to achieve his obsession and hard worker. He always strive by his skill but behind of that he’s  a romantic and understanding man.

Photography one of the activities that attract his attention, this is evidenced when he became a photographer PEKSIMIDA as a first job.

He love white (color) as he love anything that is related about Chinese - Indonesia. Any activities such as seminars he will surely go while he can. The history of civilization has become an interesting thing to discuss. "I am interested in the plurality especially Chinese Tionghoa culture" he said. Soe Hok Gie figures he most admired, and became the title of a movie that a lot of inspiration.” GIE is the figure of a combination of ideology (politics), education and love” added him.