Rabu, 11 Januari 2012


Mars Chocolate that you have given to me so pleasant not only because the taste but you ! my special someone  J J .when I asked you about the chocolate you always lie to me. You said that chocolate from the sky. You were so funny bebb hihi, but I like it !it has given to me yesterday by barter my flashdish to him. I known he want my flasdish so much. By the way there’re so many photos and video inside. Photos were taken some weeks ago. But I prefer like video very much. You know why?  IT’S SO FUNNY !! BECAUSE OF HIM!! Hahahha. Okey I want tell about the video one by one.
First video – he leaned on the wall and dance in disorder what a funny, isn’t it?
Second video – he jumped and say whatever I don’t know. It was foolish !!haha
Third video – it about us. Not only him or me but us! Oke I made it by several video that taken before when we meet together.” So sweeet, so spellbound”he said. “ooh..thank youu bey “

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